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Rivendell Board of Directors

Larry Dobias, Director - President
Liaison to Ponds & Preserves Committee,
Communications Committee & 
Block Captain Committee
Michelle Meyer, Director - Vice President
Liaison to ARC Committee
Rick Durham, Director - Vice President
Chuck Pertile, Director - Treasurer
Liaison to Maintenance Committee 
Mary Angell, Director - Secretary
Liaison to Social Committee &
Compliance Committee
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The Cottages Board of Directors
RU1NA=Rivendell Unit 1 Neighborhood Association
Marilee Casale, President
Steve Bragg, 1st Vice President
Bob Metelko, 2nd Vice President
Jim May, Treasurer

Tom Hickey, Secretary

Patio Homes Board of Directors

Bob Thierfelder, President
Dan Tavares, Secretary
Barbara Lewis, Treasurer

The Villas Board of Directors

John Barron, President

Alex Elshimy, Vice President

Ronald Grinnell, Treasurer

Communications Committee
Chair: OPEN
Board Liaison: Larry Dobias
  Newsletter: Nancy Giordano
, Adele Kellman
Directory: Christopher Smith, Dana Schroeder
Webmaster: Gary Mruz
At large: Marylin May, Jim May
Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Chair: James Duncan
Contact for Questions or Submissions: ARCRIVENDELL@GMAIL.COM
  Board Liaison: Michelle Meyer
Members:  Joseph CasaleRebecca Rasmussen

Maintenance Committee (MC)
Chair: OPEN
  Board Liaison: Chuck Pertile
Members: Carole Myles, Terry Siemsen,
Kevin Humbert, Alexis Spaulding,
Peter Daignault, Larry Dobias
Ponds & Preserves Committee
Chair: Bob Frank (
Board Liaison: Larry Dobias
Members: Tom Hurban, Dave Gill, 
Ken Heckert, Allie Sandow Frank,
Ray Ellison, Terry Siemsen
Social Committee
Chair: Maria Ilioff (
Board Liaison: Mary Angell
Adele Kellman, Coordinator: Dining Out
Kathy Lysak, Coordinator: Ladies Night Out
Lisa Boggess, Coordinator: Potluck Suppers and
Ice Cream Social
Jane Stevens, Coordinator: Kayaking
Lesley Glick, Coordinator: Walking Club
Miranda Roy, Coordinator: Ladies Luncheon
Keitha Lackey, Coordinator: Golf Outings
Ellen Sagalov, Coordinator: Pet Parade

Compliance Committee
Chair Kay Mruz (
Board Liaison: Mary Angell
Members: Greg Volack
Fine Committee
Chair Robert Thierfelder (
Members: Ken Alerie, Bill Bloom,
Mary Kennedy
Block Captain Committee
Chair: Rachel North Zipay (
Board Liaison: Larry Dobias
Block Captains
  • Anna Hope Lane - Cindy Borland

  • Clear Creek Drive - Rachel North Zipay

  • Crane Prairie Way - Barbara Loe

  • Eagle Isle Court  - Barbara Valdahl

  • Foothill Court  - Mirinda Roy

  • Fordingbridge Way 701-734 - Fred Rhines

  • Fordingbridge Way 735-799 - Judy Sokal

  • Golden Pond Court - Paul Englert

  • Lost Creek Court - Janet & Jerry Hall

  • Mallard Marsh Drive 1064-1097 - Mitzi Bruck

  • Mallard Marsh Drive 1100-1152 - Janet Romig

  • Mallard Marsh Drive 1155-1212 - Silke Schinnen

  • Meadow Sweet Circle - Jackie Axsiom

  • Mill Pond Court - Edith Norby

  • New Forest Lane - Douglas Burkard

  • Oak Meadow Lane - Diane Tomer

  • Oak Preserve Lane - Jonas Meyer

  • Placid Lake Drive  741-792 - Mirinda Roy

  • Placid Lake Drive  803-835 - Regina Bloom

  • Placid Lake Drive  842-882 - Deborah Yohn

  • Rivendell Boulevard - Dave Swanson

  • Scherer Way  900-976 - Mary Kennedy

  • Scherer Way  980-1045 - Joe Bond

  • Scherer Way  1046-1133 - Sheree & Chuck Pertile

  • Shadow Bay Way  672-739 - Cathy Daignault

  • Shadow Bay Way  742-778 - David Gill

  • Shadow Bay Way  782-820 - Margarete & Don Roser

  • Stillwater Court - Dave Swanson

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