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Update your contact information for Rivendell email blast messages and other important communication from the association via email or telephone.

The button above will bring you to myHOAst which Rivendell uses to manage contact information. If you need help signing on to myHOAst contact:

NOTE: Keep your postal mailing address current with the property management company for HOA assessments and other legal notifications. 

It is important to keep your contact information updated!  

Current and past issues of the RIvendell Woodlands Word newsletter

Rivendell Rules, Guidelines and Forms

Resident Directory, Rivendell Financial Information and Board Meeting Minutes

View the current members of the Rivendell Board & Committees

Rivendell Committees

Rivendell uses the NEXTDOOR platform for residents to post questions, items for sale and more!

Review items that Rivendell Residents have for sale or wanted

See services Offered by Rivendell Residents

Review companies that Rivendell Residents have utilized for a variety of home services

If you are interested in volunteering for Rivendell's Maintenance Committee, ARC Committee, Communications Committee or the Ponds and Preserves Committee please use the box below to send us your name, email address and a brief message explaining which committee you are interested in.

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All communication regarding maintenance issues or community infractions must be sent directly to the property manager for handling.  For example, if you spot a broken street light, or issues with the pool janitorial duties, communicate the information to the property manager via email, phone call or a letter.  Click the CONTACTS option above for contact information.


If you have ideas, suggestions or feedback regarding the common areas, trees, plants, ponds and pool (all items under the Maintenance Committee responsibility) please attend a Maintenance Commitee Meeting to discuss. 


If you would like to request any official Rivendell document, contact the property manager in writing.  Some information may be obtained from the website but the Property Management company has ALL official documents for Rivendell.


Welcome to the resident section for the Rivendell Community

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